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What You Need to Know About Making Cricut T-Shirts Designs

Do you know that you can design your t-shirt to your fit your needs and even for your friends? You can come up with your trendy design like a pro in designing and have it on your favorite t-shirt form the comfort of your home thanks to the cricut machine. You can come up with your unique designs for your t-shirts, this will require you to use vinyl materials of any color and texture for personalization of the design you looking to have on your t-shirt, this process is complicated. Do not worry about the few mishaps that you likely to commit as a beginner in cricut t-shirts designing. Here is a guide on how to make your cricut t-shirt design.

Research for a design that you would love to have on your t-shirt. When launching a new t-shirt designing project, you will have to make a selection of the style, design, and color from the template that your cricut machine comes with. As a novice in t-shirt designing with the cricut, choosing a simple design will give you humble time in crafting your first t-shirt design. You can always resize your design to an appropriate size by altering the width of the crafted design.

Take your time and clear the extra vinyl on your project before having the design on your t-shirt. Removing unwanted materials on your design includes peeling off of the vinyl that is not required to be part of the design, this is done cautiously to avoid tearing off the entire design.

Initiate a transfer of your crafted design to your t-shirt. This is an essential step in the designing of your t-shirt, it can either lead to the best results or poor results hence the need to be diligent here. If you are going to use an iron for pressing your design on the t-shirt, you will be required to preheat the iron first. Besides preheating of your iron, you could also preheat your t-shirt before the design is placed on the position you looking to have it visible. You can check out on the website of the cricut machine for further details on how to place and press the design on your t-shirt.

You should know the right attention required for your fashionable designed t-shirt. After applying the new design on your t-shirt, you should keep it away from water for a period not less than 24 hours, you should therefore not wash it unless the design has been in place for more than 24 hours. Do not use bleach when washing your designed t-shirt and you should wash it when it is inside out.

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